8 Surefire Ways to Love – or Hate – your Cayuga Collection Stay

Though it’s great to think in positives, sometimes in life we need to be clear on what we don’t want in order to get down to what our heart desires. With travel experiences, this counts even more, as disappointment can loom large when expectations don’t live up.

So to help you choose your vacation wisely, we’ve come up with a list of very important reasons NOT to book a Cayuga Collection Hotel or Lodge. If you recognize yourself in any of these, you may want to look elsewhere. Otherwise, you’ve come to the right place.

Swim-up bars and all-you-can eat buffets are your idea of a perfect culinary experience.

Our idea of the perfect culinary experience is a little different. The restaurants at all our hotels serve freshly prepared meals showcasing local seasonal ingredients and even when “fast” and no-frills, the food is prepared with a lot of TLC.

You have no tolerance for wildlife and wilderness encounters.

All our sustainable luxury hotels & lodges come with creepy-crawlies and wildlife aplenty, so you’ll need to come with an open mind and get out of your comfort zone–and once you do, the rewards you reap are immense.

You don’t like to work up a little sweat while on holiday.

At Cayuga Collection hotels in Costa Rica and Nicaragua, we provide a myriad ways to stay active, be it walking to your room, going on a hike, rappelling down a waterfall or playing at the beach. Though they can, our guests don’t spend their vacation lazing by the pool.

You like your hotel staff to bow and wear a subservient smile.

At Cayuga, you get to know our local staff and sometimes even strike a friendship. It’s the pura vida way. We don’t put on a show; it’s all real-deal, including those smiles.

You love your water in a plastic bottle and plastic straws in your drink.

At Cayuga, we passed on plastic back in 2014. In fact, we eliminated the use of plastic bottles and straws at all of our properties. We only have one earth we all live on. Plus bamboo straws are cool.

You are a deal hunter and the price you nabbed is more important than the experience.

We love deals too, but our ultimate goal is to offer guests unique authentic experiences that have a positive effect on both the people and the environment. We walk the talk and don’t compromise on quality.

Shopping is the most important part of your holiday.

While our hotels, resorts and lodges do have shops with local handicrafts and edible treats, the souvenirs our guests take home can’t be paid in any currency–it’s the memories that stay with them forever.

You are looking to eat what you eat at home.

Forget about imported cheeses and ingredients flown in from across the world. At Cayuga, we strongly believe in food that is locally produced and organic and our restaurants serve only responsibly caught seafood, grass-fed beef, hormone-free chicken and lots of fresh fruits and veggies.

Are you still interested in visiting a Cayuga Collection Hotel or Lodge?  Send us a note to [email protected] to request a reservation or itinerary.

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