A Costa Rica Travel Experience Like No Other

Expect a different experience when planning a trip to an Eco Lodge like Lapa Rios. It won”™t be the same as those air conditioned hotels with elevators and WiFi that you may be used to!

You will be walking, you will be sweating, and you will encounter bugs here and perhaps lizards there; however, it”™s nothing unbearable or overwhelming. In addition the benefits of this kind of trip heavily outweigh those potential inconveniences: you will be adventuring like you never have before, you will be vacationing sustainably, you will be disconnected from technology, you will see incredible amounts of biodiversity (especially if your destination is Lapa Rios), and you will be learning something new everyday””perhaps some things that you can take back home and apply to your daily life.

Staying at an eco lodge may be a little less convenient than an ordinary, modern, perhaps luxury hotel, but you are guaranteed to grow as a person and connect with the people you spend time with there (whether it be those who travel with you or the people/employees at the eco lodge) during and after your time at one. We hope you take a chance and do it!

Create lasting memories on your honeymoon at any one of Cayuga Sustainable Hospitality”™s eight eco resorts and lodges.

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