A Soccer Game on a Tropical Beach

One of our favorite activities with our guests at the Cayuga hotels and eco lodges is to organize  pick up games of soccer on the beach.  Many guests from North America and Europe are used to playing soccer on a perfect grass pitch and the experience of a soccer match next to the Pacific Ocean with a tropical rain forest as a backdrop is a truly unique experience that goes very well with the Cayuga Collection’s slogan of  “Experience – Learn – Connect – Relax

soccer at the beach in manuel antonio
Pickup Soccer game at Playitas Beach in Manuel Antonio at Arenas del Mar Beachfront and Rainforest Resort.  Great beach soccer games are also played at the Harmony Hotel in Nosara.

Experience to play barefoot in the sand, run after a ball that is about to escape into the Ocean and have monkeys and sloths as your “fans” sitting in the trees.

Learn  new soccer moves from the locals.  This is not so much about power and speed, but more about skill, tricks and coordination.

Connect with our staff or other Ticos at the beach that will always be happy to join in for a game.  Soccer is the #1 in Sport and Passion in Costa Rica.

Relax with a cold beer after the game in a beach chair next to the beach.  Re-hydration is very important!!!

The two best beaches to play are Playitas at Arenas del Mar Resort in Manuel Antonio and Guiones at the Harmony Hotel in Nosara.

Manuel Antonio Beach Soccer
Playing soccer at the beach with Manuel Antonio National Park as a backdrop.  Pure Experience – Learn – Connect and then – Relax.

Beach soccer games are tide dependent so check with our staff about what is the best time to play.  We recommend late afternoon to avoid the hottest time of the day.  If you get to play in a warm tropical rains shower, the experience factors goes up even further.  Don’t forget to go for a dip in the warm Ocean after the game.  Great relaxation for your muscles.  Interested in setting up a game at any of the Cayuga Collection Sustainable Luxury Hotels and Lodges?  Send us a note to [email protected]

Arenas del Mar Life Guard Melvin at Playitas Beach.
Playing soccer at the beach is a great activity to share with teenage kids. Here with the Arenas del Mar Lifeguard Melvin at Playitas Beach in Manuel Antonio.

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