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A spaceflight to Mars starts in….Costa Rica!

This month, the movie “The Martian” with Matt Damon hit the box office.  While this movie is not directly related to the topics of luxury hospitality and sustainability,  we found a connection that might surprise you.

The Martian Movie
We found a connection between the Blockbuster Movie “The Martian” and Costa Rica. Here the official website of the movie.  It has gotten great rankings by the way…

The Story:  Astronaut Mark Watney, mistakenly left for dead as his fellow crewmembers escape a storm on Mars. He is left stranded on the Red Planet with little food or air. Using his incredible survival skills he takes care of his basic needs and manages to communicate with NASA using an expired rover left on the Martian surface years before. But sending a rescue mission is complicated.  After all Mars is quite a trip away.  With the technology depicted in the movie, it could take anywhere between 234 and 414 days to get there depending on the constellation of the two planets.

vegetables on mars
In the movie, in order to survive, Matt Damon has to grow vegetables. And we thought growing vegetables in the rain forest is difficult.  Red Planet to Table.   Snippet from the Martian Trailer.

So here is where Costa Rica comes in…

Have you ever heard of Franklin Chang?  He has the status of National Hero in Costa Rica.  Right now, only Keylor Navas, the Tico Real Madrid Goalkeeper could keep up with him in terms of popularity.

Franklin Chang is the first Costa Rican to travel to space.  And he did it seven times aboard Space shuttle Missions.  After retiring as an astronaut, he founded Ad Astra, a rocket company that has been contracted by NASA to develop a deep-space propulsion technology that might take astronauts to Mars in just 39 days.

ad astra rocket
For all the techies out there. A more detailed description of the way the rocket that can get us to Mars in just 39 days works.

We think this is really great and applaud his incredible vision and drive.  It puts Costa Rica on the map not only as a leader in sustainable tourism and peace, but also for high tech innovation.

… and, it would have been much easier to save Mark Watney (played by Matt Damon who is a regular visitor to Santa Teresa in Costa Rica) if Franklin Chang’s rocket technology would have been ready.  Maybe he will visit the Laboratories of Ad Astra that are located very close to the Liberia Airport in Guanacaste, Costa Rica next time he is in town…

Matt Damon's hammock is reserved for him after Mars
After being stuck on Mars, we are sure Matt Damon will be ready to enjoy his hammock in Santa Teresa.  Leave the space suit in Hollywood.


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