A word about Costa Rican Cuisine

As the culinary experience is getting every time more important at our Sustainable Luxury Hotels and Lodges.  So in 2015, we have made a commitment to significantly upgrade the culinary experience of our guests.  Not that it has been bad before, guests usually rave about our food, but it can always be better, fresher, more local, more authentic, more unique and also more sustainable.

Tropical fruit at Arenas del Mar
Fresh Tropical Fruit for breakfast. Something that is ‘standard’ for us here in Costa Rica is a great culinary treat for our visitors.

So here a word about Costa Rican Cuisine and Tico Culinary Culture.  Thanks to our Cayuga Corporate Culinary Consultant Jose Lopez for his help with this blog.

Beachfront dining in Manuel Antonio
It is not only about what we eat, it is also about the setting. Nothing can beat this beachfront setting at Arenas del Mar in Manuel Antonio.

Costa Rican cuisine is a fusion of native ingredients with European, Creole, and Caribbean influences.  It is similar to other Latin-American countries that have a strong European influence, but with a tropical climate that permits year round produce and fruit harvest and two coasts bursting with fish and varieties of seafood.  We have an exciting variety of fruits, veggies, roots, and meats.  Re-discovering herbs, fruits, and vegetables that have been forgotten, or used for medicinal purposes only, is also gaining momentum.

Seafood dinner in Manuel Antonio
Most guests at the Cayuga Collection Hotels and Lodges enjoy seafood dishes for lunch and dinner. The Seafood at our hotels and lodges is caught responsibly.

We are working hard to incorporate forgotten or exotic ingredients in our menus as we believe that this will enhance the overall dining experience of our guests.  We also get guests actively involved in culinary activities that include lessons on how to make tortillas, fresh fish ceviche and picadillo.  All of those lessons are giving by our local staff.

Tortilla making in Costa Rica
A guest at Arenas del Mar Beachfront and Rainforest Resort in Manuel Antonio learning how to make corn tortillas. A fun educational activity for our guests.

VERY IMPORTANT! Costa Ricans are very sociable, and can easily enjoy three daily meals plus two “coffee breaks” with some form of pastry or breads.  Costa Ricans are not known for skipping any meals, quite the contrary, will try to come up with as many socializing events that include food and drinks as possible.  Be our guest and be part of our culinary experience in 2015.

Grass fed beef in Costa Rica
The beef we serve at our hotels and lodges is grass fed and hormone free. Often served with fresh local veggies and in this case yucca dumplings.

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  1. Tremendous, Cayuga! You’re right, after experiencing three of your properties over Christmas and New Years, you do have wonderful good already. Yet, putting local sourcing and Tico favorites front and center will be the optimum experience for us visitors in search of most authentic sense of place experiences.

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