After beating Uruguay in the World Cup: Costa Rica is Soccer Crazy

Every four years, the world meets for the most important soccer tournament, the World Cup.  This year, the tournament is played in Brazil and Costa Rica has qualified to take part this this tournament after being absent in the last World Cup in South Africa in 2010. In the group phase, Costa Rica (the national team is called:  “La Selecion Nacional” or in short “Sele”) plays against three former World Champions:  Italy, England and Uruguay.  Needless to say that Costa Rica is the big underdog.
GOOOOOL. Costa Rica winning. Big party at the beach at Arenas del Mar Beachfront and Rainforest Resort in Manuel Antonio.  

Last Saturday, the action began for Costa Rica.  The “Sele” played Uruguay and after trailing 0:1 in the first half, they turned the game around to win 3:1.  A big surprise to the whole soccer world and a great party here in Costa Rica.  All of a sudden, Costa Rica is getting a lot of press coverage.  On Friday this week, Costa Rica will face Italy and has the chance to make history.
Free Face paint for all guests at Arenas del Mar.  Professionally applied by Priscilla of the Las Brisas Spa.

Most of the guests that visit us this time of the year are North Americans and while soccer is gaining in popularity (The US Soccer Team beat Ghana in its first game 2:1), the big sports in the US and Canada are still Football, Baseball, Basketball and Hockey.  But once here in Costa Rica, many North American guests get “infected” by the soccer feever that is currently lived in the whole country.

Manuel Antonio Beachfront Soccer
Everybody going with Costa Rica. Soccer fun at the beachfront restaurant Playitas

Talking about the soccer world cup results and Costa Rica’s National Team’s chances to move to the next round are the number one topics of conversation among the staff at the Cayuga Collection Hotels these days.  So how do we live soccer in our hotels, where in most cases we are located in remote  rainforest and beach locations and no TV’s are available in the guest rooms?
Celebrating Costa Rica’s win at the Playitas Beachfront Restaurant of Arenas del Mar in Manuel Antonio.  Costa Rica wins 3:1 against Uruguay.

Television sets are available only in the rooms of Arenas del Mar Resort in Manuel Antonio and the Hotel Grano de Oro in San Jose.  In Arenas del Mar, we have set up a large screed Televion at the beachfront restaurant Playitas and the first game of Costa Rica was ONE BIG PARTY.
Rodbin, Hedmi, Adrian and Alexis. Happy to see Costa Rica win.

In the case of the eco lodges or smaller boutique hotels like Lapa Rios, Latitude 10, Kura, Finca Rosa Blanca and Harmony, there are no TV sets in the hotel areas in order not to disturb guests that are looking for peace and quiet.  However, guests that are looking to connect with the locals, are welcome to join the employees for soccer transmissions in the employee areas or accompany the staff to local bars and restaruants.  A great way to live the party like locals.
Passion for Soccer among our female staff. Estibaliz, Priscilla and Hannia.

So what about Nicaragua?  Historically, Nicaragua has been a Baseball Nation.  However, the Costa Rican player that scored the second goal against Uruguay is of Nicaraguan descent so that the soccer feever has also arrived in Nicaragua.  If you plan to stay at Jicaro Island Ecolodge in the next few days, we will be happy to take you to a local bar in Granada to experience the excitement of the world cup.


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