Business Travel in Rubber Boots – The Cayuga Way

Its the end of the green season here in Costa Rica.  We get fewer, but quite intense rain showers.  Especially in the South and on the Pacific coast.  This can lead to some minor flooding and land slides.  Usually nothing too serious, but it makes business travel for all Cayuga Collection staff an adventure.

Cayuga Collection’s Performance Director Maria Jose Castro had her own personal adventure today trying to make it from Lapa Rios Ecolodge on the Osa Peninsula to Kura Design Villas on the Southern Pacific Coast.

Business Travel – the Cayuga way.  You never know what to expect.  Today Maria Jose had to take a hike over a muddy landslide to get to Kura Design Villas.


Change the sandals for rubber boots.  Good thing we are well equipped for situations like this at Lapa Rios.


She made it.  Every day is an adventure when travelling on business in Costa Rica.  We probably have to update her job description the next time we do a Human Resources review.


Isidro, our driver from Kura Desgin Villas was waiting on the other side of the landslide.  Jose Parajeles, our driver from Lapa Rios left the car on the other side and accompanied Maria Jose on her adventure.

Just a few weeks ago, Cayuga’s Founder and CEO, Hans Pfister, ran into a similar episode when trying to get back from Lapa Rios Ecolodge to Puerto Jimenez.  It had rained heavily all night and for a while it was not possible to pass certain rivers by car.

It is not unusual for staff members or guest to have to cross rivers on foot in the rainy season.  Business Travel – the Cayuga Way.

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