Can a Sustainability Experience make a Difference in a Vacation?

A couple of weeks ago we read this amazing Tripadvisor review from a guest that stayed with us at Arenas del Mar Beachfront & Rainforest Resort in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica.   Of course, we were very proud of this 5 star review in terms of the hospitality and luxury experience.   But what really made us happy was how this guest described her experience in connecting with the local community and ” giving back” during their vacation.
Getting involved in Sustainability Experiences creates great guest satisfaction.

We feel that this kind of an experience can make a vacation truly ” magic” and every time more we encourage our guests to leave their hammock for a moment and connect with the world around.   When you stay with us at the Cayuga Collection, we try to create opportunities for you to experience, learn, connect and relax.

” Magic.”    I am guilty of using Trip Advisor extensively – but not writing reviews. It is impossible for me, in good conscious, not to take the time after this most spectacular trip -Feb 22-Mar 3. Our family of three, including our 9 year old daughter traveled to Arenas for 9 nights. Most people we met travel around Costa Rica, but we wanted to unpack once. We chose the area because of the Rainforest and immediate access to beaches. We chose the hotel because of the reviews on Trip Advisor. Reading the reviews you might think, “it just can’t be thaaat marvelous…” But it is. It is Paradise. Having ended up at enough stuffy, pretentious hotels thinking they were “the best,” I now have experienced the best – and it wasn’t stuffy and pretentious. The hotel has a limited number of rooms – so even fully booked, you almost always feel like you have the place to yourself. Nobody wakes up at 5 am to block loungers that they won’t use all day. I was concerned about the beaches being rough for my 9 year old, based on reviews. However, after being taught how and when to “jump or go under waves,” I realized how friendly this beach actually is! You go under a wave, and no problem- at least when we were there. The reviews talk about the staff and it truly is impossible to put into words. Each person is more passionate, kind, engaging then the next. EVERYONE. Ersel is an AMAZING nature guide. The spa was great. The tours, kindly arranged for us by the hotel, were perfect. Of special note is the support the hotel does in the community. Having read on the website how they support a local school (see equilibrium dot com,) we inquired. As the stars aligned, the hotel staff were going to visit the school to deliver uniforms, shoes and school books to the children (funds raised by guest donations). Our family was invited to participate. The genuine love and joy of the employees that guests see – it is no act. Can you believe the staff rebuilt bathrooms and built a lunch room for the children? And the children! Beautiful, appreciative children. What an unbelievable gift to share with my 9 year old- thank you Arenas. Costa Rica is the best place on earth our family has ever visited. The absolute best family vacation we have ever had. If you have the opportunity to enjoy Arenas – don’t hesitate. (Rooms, bed, views, location, cleanliness, etc – all absolutely terrific.) Special shout out to Stevie- keep that fire in your heart.  Stayed February 2014, traveled with family.

Review of Arenas del Mar Beachfront and Rainforest Resort in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica


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