Cayuga Sustainable Hospitality – What’s in the name?

We often get asked about the name of our company. While the concepts of sustainability and hospitality are quite clear and most people understand what we are about, there is often a question about Cayuga. Is it a Spanish name? Some indigenous tribe in Costa Rica? Not quite.

Here some facts from Wikipedia: The Cayuga people (“People of the Great Swamp”) was one of the five original constituents of the Iroquois, a confederacy of American Indians in New York. The Cayuga homeland lay in the Finger Lakes region along Cayuga Lake, between their league neighbors, the Onondaga to the east and the Seneca to the west. It happens to be that the founders and owners of Cayuga Sustainable Hospitality Hans Pfister and Andrea Bonilla met during their studies of Hotel Administration at Cornell University”™s Hotel School in Ithaca New York. Cornell overlooks the Cayuga Lake and when it came to giving the company a name that is easy to pronounce in English and Spanish and also has a meaning, Cayuga won the race.

Oh, and if you are of a certain age and remember floppy disks, you might find this story interesting. In the early days at Lapa Rios when Andrea worked as GM and Hans was at Corporate, important documents and messages were driven back and forth from the lodge in a floppy disk and the password that was used was ” Cayuga”.

Creating exceptional family travel experiences, Cayuga Sustainable Hospitality manages family friendly hotels in Costa Rica.

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