Cayuga’s Christmas Activity

Every year, we try to do something different for our Cayuga Corporate Staff and the Managers at the Hotels.   It is all about living our theme of Experience, Learn, Connect & Relax.   This year, we focused on a San Jose experience.   San Jose really has a bad reputation among tourists (and locals) and so we ventured off with a guide to learn more about our Capital city and explore hidden treasures.   It was curious to see that our guide Stacey is from Indiana and she was showing the Ticos in our team the secrets of their own capital.   We walked for over two hours and learned about history, architecture, culinary aspects and of course had a lot of fun.    As hoteliers, the highlight was a stop in a local ” Cantina”, a watering hole in an old corner house.  The bartender/owner had been there for over 40 years and shared his stories about past Presidents tumbling out of his bar.   Of course there was also time to do some window shopping as you can see in the picture below.   San Jose offers an incredible variety of things”¦

Following the city tour, we headed to Grano de Oro and had a completely different experience.  The hotel”™s Food and Beverage Director Ciro invited us to wine tasting of 3 spectacular Spanish and Italian wines.     Since we only serve South American wines at our hotels, this was a real treat for all of us and especially the last wine from Sicily was a great hit.   Ciro knows wine like no one else in Costa Rica and the new wine cava at Grano de Oro is a great place to have such a tasting.  

By now, everybody was starving and we headed to the newly opened restaurant Furca.   It”™s co-owner and executive chef Marco has worked at the Harmony Hotel in Nosara for us and was happy to cook up something very special for us.   Locally produced meats and vegetables (a lot of them next to the restaurant”™s parking lot) and more wine.   The food was some of the best we have sampled in San Jose recently and we are sure this restaurant will be a great success.   After the main course, all Cayuga team members received their Christmas gifts (they could choose from a list of experiences that would allow them to learn, connect or relax).    So gift certificates ranged from pole dancing to tango lessons to spa treatments to yoga classes.    We did a silent auction to raise money for a local family in need and raised over $1,200.   The winner will spend a weekend at Monte Azul in the mountains of Costa Rica next year.

Thanks to our wonderful team for a successful year and we all know that 2013 will be even better.   Feliz Navidad and Happy New Year.

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