Coffee Harvest

Coffee Harvest In Costa Rica

Coffee Harvest at Finca Rosa Blanca:  Shade Grown Organic Coffee at its best.

The rains are diminishing and the wind is blowing through the fields of ripening coffee.  Costa Rica is preparing for another picking season and for generations whole families have  shared in the work, enjoying the sun and the early morning breezes together.  Summer vacation in this coffee-immersed country begins in December and lasts through February so that children can spend a few hours helping out.  Every Tico we know becomes nostalgic when the first red cherries can be seen filling trucks on the way to the Beneficio where the coffee will be dried and processed.

Coffee Harvest
Coffee Harvest is a great time of the year to visit Finca Rosa Blanca Coffee Plantation Inn in Costa Rica.

Finca Rosa Blanca celebrates every year this season in our organic shade-grown coffee plantations.  We are offering our guests an exclusive opportunity to participate in the inn’s annual coffee harvest with hands on teaching of how to harvest, cultivate, roast, taste, brew and discern the many qualities of fine coffee in our signature Cupping session.   The harvest has begun and you will encounter our friends, neighbors and employees in the plantation happy to see the coffee ripening ready for picking.


coffee tour
Not to be missed, the Coffee Tour at Finca Rosa Blanca.  Learn from the experts about growing organic coffee.

Our Guests who choose to join in will use a traditional hand woven basket along with the local pickers and become part of the “family”, as they hand select only the ripest red coffee cherries for picking. While out in the lush coffee plantation, our guests will also receive a lesson on how coffee was discovered, traded and first consumed. Or there is always the option of our Organic Coffee tour and Cupping which is offered twice a day to experience the farm and watch the harvest in process. We pick through December depending upon the weather and growing conditions.

Ripe coffee in Costa Rica
Red coffee beans. Ready to be picked. From the farm to your cup.

The coffee harvest experience also includes learning the entire process of organic cultivation and harvest, cleaning the berries of the fruit and then drying the beans. Guests will watch coffee being roasted in Finca Rosa Blanca’s roasting and packing house and will learn how the experts discern and rate gourmet coffee by participating in a “coffee cupping” (catación) session with one of Finca Rosa Blanca’s knowledgeable baristas and tour guides. Join in the fun!

Finca Rosa Blanca is part of the Cayuga Collection of Sustainable Luxury Hotels and Lodges in Costa Rica and Nicaragua.



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