Costa Rica is Among the Top 10 Ethical Destinations

According to Ethical Traveler (, a nonprofit organization founded to ” empower travelers to change the world,” Costa Rica is one of the world”™s most ethical destinations.   Ethical traveler awarded countries that use the economic clout of tourism to protect human rights and the environment.   Another great award for Costa Rica that shows that the model of sustainable tourism works and that the travel dollars spent by the tourists visiting Costa Rica has a real economic and political significance.   Mindful travel can bring many benefits, both personal and global.

Every year, Ethical Traveler reviews the policies and practices of hundreds of nations in the developing world and selects the top 10 that are doing the most impressive job of promoting human rights, preserving their environment, and upholding civil society””all while creating a sustainable, community-based tourism industry. By visiting these countries, you as a traveler use economic power to support best practices.   No country is perfect. All have their shortcomings. Each of the winners, however, had made a genuine effort to ” do the right thing”.

The winners, in alphabetical order, not in order of merit:   Barbados, Cape Verde, Costa Rica, Ghana, Latvia, Lithuania, Mauritius, Palau, Samoa, Uruguay.

The study pointed out that Costa Rica scored very high in all categories and that it experienced a dramatic decrease in crime rates thanks to an increased focus on citizen security, and was ranked the Happiest Country out of 151 countries evaluated by the Happy Planet Index, a project of the New Economics Foundation.

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