Culinary Costa Rica – Coffee, Sugar, Ceviche and more…

Come for the sights and sounds but return for the flavours- Costa Rica is growing   its food tourism.  Have you ever tasted Costa Rica ““ I mean really tasted it?   The rich, dark, organic coffee in the morning,   the sweetness of raw, golden brown sugar, the tang of fresh ceviche   with cilantro, onions, green peppers and lime .   Sure you can soak in the sights and sounds of the rainforest, thrill to cries of the howler monkeys, and bask on the beaches, but you never really, truly know Costa Rica until you have tasted its food.

Organically Grown Greens at Finca Rosa Blanca
Organically Grown Greens at Finca Rosa Blanca in the Central Highlands of Costa Rica.

And shame on Frommer`s for saying Costa Rican food is not memorable.   How can they say that Gallo Pinto in the morning with rice, beans and Salsa Lizano is not memorable?   And when you arrive at Kura Design Villas  and are welcomed with a fresh fruit `fresco` that tastes like summer or dive into a bowl of local fish stew with coconut and camotes (sweet white potatoes) in the Osa Peninsula at Lapa Rios  Eco Lodge““ are you not glad you travelled the many miles to get to the wilds of Costa Rica for these flavours alone ?   Locals are just starting to celebrate their cuisine and the Cayuga Collection of Sustainable Luxury Hotels and Lodges are proud to showcase it to their guests who thrive on the new and unexpected yet request the highest quality of sustainability and service while visiting.

Papaya, banana, mango and melon
Fresh fruit at Arenas del Mar Beachfront and Rainforest Resort in Manuel Antonio.

And taking the lead,   this summer Finca Rosa Blanca has launched a culinary tasting tour of coffee, craft beers, honey, mead, cacao, vanilla, herbs and goat cheese (June 1-7) along with cooking classes and farm tours, while Arenas del Mar is offering its third season of guest chefs  later in the fall, who will stir it up with local chefs and feature dishes created around ingredients like   vanilla, spices, chocolate, fresh fish and local cheeses and paired with local rums, microbrews and Central American wines.   Harmony Hotel has expanded its own farm to help grow its field to table philosophy.     So, along with your sunscreen, camera and hiking boots, bring those expanding waistbands.   You may be indulging more than expected ““ and we promise it will be memorable.
Coffee Harvest at Finca Rosa Blanca Coffee Plantation and Inn

This blog was a contribution by our friend  Deirdre Campbell,  President & Chief Development Officer at Tartan Group in Victoria, British Columbia


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