Earth Justice President, Trip Van Noppen, visits Lapa Rios Eco Lodge

Lapa Rios recently had Trip  Van Noppen, President of Earth Justice, as a guest at the Eco Lodge.   He shared his perspectives with other guests and spoke with the team.

In his recent blog post, he had this to share with the Earth Justice readers about his observations while visiting Costa Rica:

“Costa Rica’s decision to preserve and protect the area”™s astonishing natural resources and to develop in a way that benefits local communities has paid off both economically and environmentally. I was enormously impressed with the number of young Costa Ricans making careers out of environmental education, nature guiding, sustainable travel and natural resource protection, supported by government policy and motivated by their own deep appreciation for the beauty of their homeland. Indeed, the country actually ranks first in the entire world on an index from the New Economics Foundation, which compares countries”™ average life expectancy, ecological footprint and feeling of well-being. Thank you, Costa Rica!?”

A leader in ecotourism, Cayuga Sustainable Hospitality manages luxury and boutique hotels in Costa Rica and Nicaragua.


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