Eco Honeymoon Consultants to arrive in Costa Rica this Week

Six months ago, we started to look for three couples that could help us perfect the Eco Honeymoon Experience at the Cayuga Collection of sustainable luxury Hotels and Lodges.  We received an overwhelming response from newlyweds all over the world.

eco honeymoon quest in Costa Rica
We received an overwhelming response to our announcement of the eco honeymoon quest.

In May 2014 after a tough and very competitive selection process, we announced the three couples that would come to Costa Rica and help us in our quest to create a honeymoon that is not only luxurious and romantic, but at the same time meets the highest standards in terms of sustainability.

eco honymoon quest winners announced
In May, the three couples that would go on the honeymoon quest to Costa Rica were announced.

Travel time has come.  This week Josiah and his wife Chloe as well as Simone and her husband Richards will start their travels in Costa Rica.  The hotels that they have chosen for their eco honeymoon are:  Finca Rosa Blanca Coffee Plantation Inn, Arenas del Mar Beachfront and Rainforest Resort, Kura Design Villas, The Harmony Hotel and the Grano de Oro Hotel.  The third couple had to postpone their visit to May and will most likely visit Lapa Rios Ecolodge and Latitude 10 Resort.

Scarlet Macaws mate for life
We love scarlet macaws and think they are a great symbol for the honeymooners as they mate for life.

The honeymoon couples have some hard work ahead of them:

* Eating gourmet meals in the restaurants or in other romantic places such as their suite’s balcony, on the beach or on a rain forest deck.

* Test out different massage and wellness treatments that might include hot stone massages, couple’s massage and maybe a yoga class.

* Partake in the activities offered at the different hotels and lodges with a focus on “Experience – Learn – Connect – Relax” such as cooking lessons, cocktail mixing classes, coffee plantation tours and cupping, salsa dance lessons, etc.

eco honeymoon at the Cayuga Collection Hotels
Honeymooners at the Cayuga Collection Hotels. How can we create the best Eco Honeymoon experience in the world?

And of course they will have to write a report on their experience and how they think we could improve. What activities to offer, how to minimize the impact on the environment and identifying opportunities to improve service.

Once we have received their reports, it is up to us at Cayuga to implement those recommendations and get ready for the honeymoon season 2015.

Stay tuned for their blog posts, social media updates and stories.



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