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How we define Wellness Travel at our Sustainable Luxury Hotels and Lodges

Much has been written about wellness in travel and hospitality in the past.  We often get asked how we interpret the idea of wellness and why we don’t have bigger spas and gyms at our hotels, resorts and eco lodges.  Of course, our guests have access to great massages, yoga or other wellness services at all of our hotels.  And in some cases, like at the Harmony Healing Center or Kura’s Spa, it is actually a very important part of the overall lodging experience.

Treatment room at the Harmony Hotel's "Healing Center" offering more than just the regular Spa and Beauty services to hotel guests and the community.
Treatment room at the Harmony Hotel’s “Healing Center” offering more than just the regular Spa and Beauty services to hotel guests and the community.

But when we talk wellness, we prefer to take a different approach, make a broader definition and include more than just massage and beauty treatments.  Just like the concept of sustainability is ever-present in our operations, we feel that wellness should also be part of the complete experience at a Cayuga Collection Hotel or Lodge.

Travel today can consist of unhealthy eating, excessive alcohol consumption, poor sleeping and a disruption of an exercise routine.  This is especially the case in business travel or as a guest put it for us the other day:  “Caffeine, alcohol and greasy food is the fuel that powers business travel.”


When guests check into our sustainable hotels and lodges, we want them to have a wholesome experience that rejuvenates their heart and soul.  We offer our guests the opportunity to live a healthy lifestyle through healthy eating and drinking, physical and mental relaxation and exercise in nature.  However, what is most important is the possibility to connect with the destination they are visiting (rain forest, beach, volcano, lake, mountains, city, plantation, etc.) and have meaningful and authentic experiences.

An intact natural environment is an important part of the Wellness Experience.  A connection with nature and local culture is always available at or near a Cayuga Collection Hotel in Costa Rica and Nicaragua.

A soccer game at a beach with your children and some locals, a dip in a wild rain forest waterfall with your fiancé, a stroll through a coffee plantation with your spouse, the experience on standing on a surf board for the first time catching that wave or a couple of hours of volunteer work at a local school are most likely more rejuvenating than an hour of relaxing massage in an air conditioned and closed in in spa.

The food at our hotels and lodges is locally sourced and prepared from fresh ingredients.  This is not about eating less calories, but about real and wholesome seasonal food.  And if you do choose to have a drink there options of locally produced craft beers without artificial ingredients and biodynamic and organic wines from South America.  The great variety of tropical fruits and vegetables and the fresh fish from two Oceans that we have access to make healthy eating easy.

A walk at a deserted beach where nature is present or an aquatic activity is considered an important part of wellness at our hotels and resorts.

Wellness travel is only possible in an intact environment.  We believe that by helping to protect the natural areas where our hotels and lodges are located, we contribute to the positive wellness experience of the local communities, our staff and of course the guests that visit us from around the world.

One more aspect that we feel is crucial to wellness in travel is the concept of lifelong learning.  When visiting a Cayuga Collection Hotel, you have the opportunity to learn.


Connect with locals during coffee harvest. Maybe this is not obvious at first, but we believe that quality human interactions are an important part of a complete wellness experience.



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