Kura Design Villas near Uvita / Dominical

Four members of the Cayuga Corporate Team headed to Kura to coordinate the opening of Kura Design Villas in the southern Pacific zone of Costa Rica.   Maria Jose Castro (Performance Director), Monica Acosta (Marketing Coordinator), Jose Lopez (Culinary Director) and Hans Pfister (President and Co-Owner) as seen in the picture next to the pool.  Construction will be concluded by the end of August and the Hotel Management Team will take over as of September 1st.   Soft opening is planned for October 1st.   The highlights of the visit were a menu sampling with fresh seafood and hydroponic herbs and a swim in the ” most spectacular pool” in Latin America.   We will keep you posted on further progress.

A leader in ecotourism, Cayuga Sustainable Hospitality manages luxury and boutique hotels in Costa Rica and Nicaragua.



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