Making New Friends on Your Costa Rica Vacation

One of the best things to look forward to during your Costa Rica vacation is making new friends. Alison, Sean, Tom and Molly are a good example of this. They arrived the same day to the luxurious Latitude 10 Resort in Santa Teresa, separately from one another, but it was just after a few cocktails that they became very good friends and part of the Latitude 10 family.

After that first night, everything went with the flow: party, cooking classes, ” egg sandwiches late at night”, Porto night, Pablo”™s ““ Pedro”™s mojitos, dinner, ATV tour with the mariposa helmet and more. They really lived the Experience, Learn, Connect and Relax at the Resort and continually told the team there that Latitude 10 is ” on the bomb”. They even sent some pictures with an email saying:   ” We are still glowing from our amazing stay at Latitude 10. Thank you for making our trip so memorable and enjoyable”.

At Latitude 10 Resort, you will become part of the family – with the team there as well as the other guests.   You can consider it your home away from home.

A leader in ecotourism, Cayuga Sustainable Hospitality manages luxury and boutique hotels in Costa Rica and Nicaragua.

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