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Since launching our Cayuga Sustainable Hospitality blog we have been able to write and share our point of view on many topics within the hotel industry of Costa Rica/Nicaragua, and trends we’re seeing within the tourism industry at large.

Marino Ballena
The coastline of the Marino Ballena Park,. Finding inspiration for our hospitality blog comes from the natural beauty of Costa Rica

Our posts have covered topics such as: Travel and the Zika Virus, the best time to travel to Costa Rica or Nicaragua, sustainability certification exposed, Cayuga’s connection to Matt Damon, and many posts on the valuable pillars of sustainability.

  1. The Zika Virus: If I lived in the US or Europe, would I travel to Costa Rica right now?
  2. Don’t kill yourself working so hard
  3. Should I trust TripAdvisor’s Sustainability Initiative? 
  4. When is the best time to visit Costa Rica?
  5. Sustainability is so much more than energy efficiency
  6. A spaceflight to Mars starts in Costa Rica
  7. To the rescue of the Costa Rican Tourism Model
  8. Luxury and Sustainability – An Oxymoron in Hospitality?

Running a network of independently owned eco-lodges gives us a unique viewpoint and we’re excited to share what we’re seeing at Cayuga. Sign up for the Cayuga Newsletter in the sidebar to keep up to date with all our latest posts, or if you’re a travel agent signup for our agency newsletter for exclusive tools that will help your clients plan and book their trips.

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