Our Corporate Retreat 2015 – Nothing for Couch Potatoes

If you sign up to work with Cayuga, don’t expect an “ordinary” corporate environment.  We are different because the hotels, resorts and lodges that we run are different.  We don’t shy away from challenges because running those operations – even though it appears seamless to our guests – is a lot of hard work.  We strive to find that perfect balance between sustainability and luxury.

Cayuga Corporate Team and Hotel & Lodge Managers during the Corporate Retreat 2015

So for our corporate retreat, we set out to hike Costa Rica’s highest mountain, the Chirripo at 3,820 meters (12,532 feet) above sea level set between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.  After sleeping in a cave below a gushing waterfall in 2014 (read the report of this retreat here) we were looking for the next big challenge.

Team Building
A challenge like hiking Costa Rica’s highest mountain is a great opportunity to get to know each other and to build a strong team.

It was not easy.  We lived tough moments, but came together as a team to support each other.  The hike up is 12.5 kilometers uphill.  The average time of hiking up is 8 hours.  We made it between 4:40 and 6:15 hours.

four fast ones
Half way there. This was the “fast” group that made it up first.

The air gets thin up there.  Wind, rain and cold temperatures (6 degrees Celsius) that we are not used to here in Costa Rica made it even harder.  But in general, we were lucky in terms of the weather and had the chance to appreciate breathtaking views and enjoy the rugged alpine scenery.

views of the pacific coast
Proud [email protected] near the Crestones mountain formation. In the background, the Pacific coast of Costa Rica.

On the day we hiked up to the peak, we had to get up at 3:30 am and were hoping for sunrise views, but we got caught in a storm and ascending the final meters became an exercise in team work, perseverance and will power.

on the top
We did it. 3,820 meters above sea level.

The accommodations where we stayed at the base of Chirripo for two nights were nothing luxurious like the hotels and lodges we work as, but we were thankful for the shelter and the high carb food that the hospitality team up there provided for us.

selfie stick
And we even brought a selfie stick…

So what is next?  Where are we going next year?  Nicaragua?  Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast?  Kayaking in the Golfo Dulce?  One thing is for sure, it won’t be just an ordinary retreat…

on the way down
Next year’s retreat will be a challenge. But we promise it will be easier on everybody’s knees… the hike down was tough.

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