Second Place Essay in our Dream Vacation Contest

Sean entered this essay into our contest and won second place.   Him and his wife, Renee, won a 3 night stay at Jicaro Island Ecolodge near Granada, Nicaragua during the 2013 Green Season.

Here is his essay:

This past summer, my wife and daughter travelled to Costa Rica while I stayed behind, taking on extra part-time work to help send them. The pictures and videos they sent of their trip more than made up for the extra work hours and silent house for the time they were gone. Scenes of green canopies, brilliant fresh fruits, and videos of adorably scampering, howling monkeys bridged the difference between us. I thought that those souvenirs would be the closest I might ever get to Costa Rica until your contest appeared.

I”™d absolutely love to travel with my wife, who spent years becoming fluent in Spanish. She is a teacher who works with students from other countries, making sure they get the support they need in a brand-new country and culture. She”™d be perfect to help me better connect with Costa Rica”™s culture, its language, and all of the people we would meet on our trip.

Lapa Rios in Puerto Jimenez seems like a great destination to start off at for a few days. The ” Caña Blanca Sanctuary and Dolphin Tour” looks like a perfect opportunity to learn firsthand how people can work with nature, taking on the role of responsible stewards and using our human abilities to create a healthier Earth. The ” Sustainability Tour“ looks like an inspirational trip to see just how creative we can get in productively using those things we”™d normally throw away without a second thought. Nearby nature walks, and a few (or maybe, many) trips to that comfortable hammock on the balcony overlooking the ocean would be wonderful opportunities to relax and disconnect from the technological, hurry-up, here”™s-more-to-do world I live in every day.

The perfect companion trip to Lapa Rios would be a couple of nights at the Finca Rosa Blanca in Heredia. As a coffee fanatic, it would be phenomenal to visit the organic coffee plantation, and to see how the coffee berry travels from the ground to the coffee cup. I feel pretty confident that the part where I roast my own coffee is going to lead to one of the best cups of coffee I”™ve ever had.

While I”™m in Heredia, I”™d love to visit the two steamy volcanoes nearby. As a kid, I was fascinated by the idea that there was even such a thing as ” geothermal energy” where the power at the center of the world leaked up to the surface. It would be a great experience to actually be so close! And as a final cherry on the top, a couples massage would be wonderful for two people who work on our feet, moving all day long.

A trip to Lapa Rios and Finca Rosa Blanca in Costa Rica is a wonderful possibility to even consider. Beyond the tours and your beautiful hotel spaces is a culture and community I would very much love to visit, and connect with. And this time, Instead of just looking at the fun, I”™d be in the picture.

Congratulations to Sean, we look forward to seeing you soon at Jicaro!

Cayuga Sustainable Hospitality is a world leader in sustainable hospitality management.   We manage and market hotels, resorts, eco lodges and Haciendas in Costa Rica and Nicaragua with a focus on high end experiences and sustainability.

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