Sunsets are better in Costa Rica

The blending of the colors in the night sky.   The breathtaking flash as the sun disappears.   The memorable moment with your family and loved ones during your vacation in Costa Rica.

These are just a few of the magical things during a Costa Rican sunset.   You will feel a sense of calm as you sit and watch.   The sunset takes you to a different world.

The Cayuga properties are all in perfect places for you to catch the gorgeous sunset.   Cayuga delivers experiences and you don”™t want to miss the sunset.   The hotels in the Cayuga portfolio are all located in unique locations that make the sunsets even more special.

Whether its from far above the Pacific with the sun reflecting off of the ocean at Kura Design Villas, from the bar with a drink in your hand at Arenas Del Mar, on the secluded beaches at Latitude 10 or Harmony Hotel, or the other properties, the sunsets will be incredible and unforgettable.

Create lasting memories on your honeymoon at any one of Cayuga Sustainable Hospitality”™s nine eco resorts and lodges.

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