Sustainability is a core value with the properties at Cayuga

I just saw this study proposal come in.

The research looks into how in 2007 the sustainability ” boom” started and how consciousness began to skyrocket.   In short:   Green was in.     Today, many fear that sustainability has become no more than a buzzword.   There is a thesis that ” green attitudes do not necessarily translate into green behavior”.    Consumers say they have the best of intentions, and they want to do what”™s right, but behaviors tell a different story.

We have been practicing sustainability at Cayuga Collection properties for over 20 years.   Even before it was trendy or a great business opportunity.   It was the right thing to do. So no matter what the study will say, you can count on us on working out that perfect symbiosis of luxury and sustainability at the Cayuga Collection Hotels in Costa Rica, Nicaragua and wherever else we will expand to in the years to come.

I have had many discussions with colleagues if there is a ” great green hope” that consumers will pay a premium to save the planet.   Do you think that is true?   Do you think sustainability is a trend?   Do you have examples of how attitudes and behavior do not always match?   We would love to learn more about this.   Feel free to contact me at [email protected].

Have a green honeymoon in Costa Rica or Nicaragua by staying at any one of Cayuga Sustainable Hospitality”™s nine luxury resorts and hotels.

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