Living Fences in Costa Rica

Sustainable Development at its Best – A Living Fence

Living Fences are a great example of sustainable development done right intuitively right from the beginning.

Being locals, we hardly notice the “Living Fences” that can be seen all along the streets in rural areas.  But when we have visitors, they always point out how amazing they find this system where trees become fences.  Costa Rica is blessed with a climate and fertile soil so that almost anywhere you stick a branch into the ground, it will be become a tree.  Imagine the savings on chemicals (paint, preservatives, galvanizing agents) and maintenance or rebuilding after the fence has deteriorated.  Not to mention the aesthetics, the measures against soil erosion and the carbon sequestration.

Living Fences
Many of the living fences are in Guanacaste.

A living fence is a permanent hedge tight enough and tough enough to serve almost any of the functions of a manufactured fence, but it offers agricultural and biological services a manufactured fence cannot.  For instance, it provides “edge habitat” that supports ecological diversity. As more species (insects, spiders, toads, snakes, birds and mammals) find food and refuge in this habitat, natural balances emerge, yielding, for example, a reduction of rodents and crop-damaging insect populations.

Living Fences in Costa Rica
Fences are used to keep livestock such as cattle.

There are many other examples of green practices in Costa Rica.  When you visit one of the Cayuga Collection Hotels or Lodges, we are happy to take you on our back of the house tour and share everything with you.



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