The Challenges concerning an Eco Honeymoon Quest in Costa Rica

As we have started our quest for the perfect Eco Honeymoon last week and have received an overwhelmingly positive response so far, we are also starting to get faced with some issued that make this quest so challenging.

Our friends at Zeitz Foundation published a link to the last blog mentioning the Honeymoon Quest and the post received the following comment that we found to be very interesting and thought provoking.

Commercial Jet
A big challenge: the Impact of Carbon Emissions on Leisure Travel in the World.

Sebastian Kuenne:  Eco friendly? Really?
The return flight London-Costa Rica (San Jose) produces around 3,800 kg CO2 from burning 1,500 litres of Kerosene for the two honeymooners. So no matter how eco-friendly and sustainable they act on their honeymoon, they pretty much screwed up before even getting to their hotel.

For comparison:  
– driving an old Mercedes S600 from London to the French Alps and back consumes 900kg CO2.  
– Keeping that car running at idle state for 14 days in a row: 1,250 kg CO2
– Opening all windows of your alpine Chalet house, turning on the heating and keeping the hot water constantly running for 14 days: 1,500 kg CO2
So you could pretty much do all these things and still call yourself ” more eco-friendly than a couple honeymooning in Costa Rica”.
Just saying.

Thank you, Sebastian for bringing up this issue.   This is exactly the kind of discussion we would like to get started and address.   Yes, of course the main focus is on the experience at the Cayuga Hotels and Lodges.   Is it really necessary to have bottled water in the room?   Do luxury travelers really prefer individual shampoo bottles over dispensers of locally produced organic biodegradable cosmetic products?   Does a honeymoon dinner really need Lobster and Shrimp?   Is it possible to honeymoon in an eco-lodge that does not offer air-conditioning?
Is a true Eco Honeymoon possible despite Carbon Emissions by Jet Airplanes?

But the issue of international air travel needs to be faced as well.   Should we completely close ourselves to burning kerosene in jet airplanes?   What would the social impact be?  Should we limit this quest to locals?   The market for the hotels and lodges here is not big enough – now what?   We have to admit that we don”™t have all the answers.   What we do have is some possibilities to lower the impact of the air travel.   We encourage our guests during the reservations process to offset the carbon emitted on their flights by helping reforest Costa Rican rain forests:   To offset the honeymoon trip from London would be $50 per couple.   Not the ideal solution but not bad.


What other issues are out there?   Impacts on the local community?   Cultural sensitivity? Production of solid waste?   Let us know what you think.   Send us a note to [email protected] or apply for the honeymoon quest and help us solve those issues later in the year.

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