The Love Story of Macaws

Macaws are a very popular bird in Costa Rica and can often be seen at Lapa Rios Eco Lodge.   They are very powerful birds with very strong beaks and toes.   Although they may seem a little feisty, I bet you didn”™t realize the romantic love story of macaws much like Romeo and Juliet.   Once macaws mate, they mate with the same macaw for life.   This relationship between the birds is very special because they are only one of a few animals in the world that have the same mate for life.

Not only do they mate for life, but the birds take care of each other; sharing food and grooming each other too.

And unfortunately, when one of the macaws dies, the mate usually dies within the next week.   I guess you could say there is such a thing as a broken heart, even for macaws.

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