The Other Rainforest

We recently had an intern stay at Lapa Rios Eco Lodge.  Here’s here story:

I”™m an intern from the Pacific Northwest, which you might know for its temperate rainforests. We”™ve got rain, mountains, rivers/lakes/streams and forests galore, but the jungles of the  Osa Peninsula  are a whole new experience. Just when I think it resembles home, something exciting and intriguing happens to keep me on my toes! I mean, it isn”™t everyday that you can wake up to a family of howler monkeys grunting and, well, ” howling” 50 yards away from your room. Always an entertaining way to start the day, and it”™s fun to see friends”™ reactions when they hear stories like that!

Howler Monkey in Costa Rica

A lot of times the forests back home are generally quiet, tranquil, peaceful. Here in the Osa, the  rainforest  can be these things as well”¦if you”™re not paying attention. I guarantee that if you sit in one spot for 10 minutes or less, you will find something crawling, running, swimming, hunting, chirping, flying, slithering, squawking, frolicking”¦ the list goes on and on! With as much biodiversity as North America all packed in an area the size of West Virginia, it really is true when they say this rainforest never sleeps. The sounds are intense, the sights captivating. Lapa Rios and the staff have mastered the art of embracing and emphasizing every part of the nature we”™re nestled in.  Costa Rica  truly is a breathtaking corner of the world and it is full of wonder and new discoveries to be made every day and night.

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