The Short List: Looking for the Perfect Eco Honeymoon

The Quest for the Perfect Eco Honeymoon is going into its final stage.

We have received applications from 164 applicants from 14 different countries in the past weeks and were especially impressed with the quality of the applicants.     A lot of couples that are not only very committed to sustainable living, but also have vast experience in travelling have sent in their applications.   It was really hard to make the first cut.   All applicants have received a personal e-mail from Cayuga informing them about the status of the selection process and the 15 couples on the short list have been asked for additional information in order to make the final cut.
The Cayuga Collection Hotels strive to be the perfect destination for a Luxury Eco Honeymoon in Costa Rica or Nicaragua

On May 30th, we will announce the three honeymoon couples that will come to Costa Rica and Nicaragua, stay at our sustainable luxury hotels and lodges and then come up with ideas for the perfect eco honeymoon.   How to create that symbiosis of sustainability and luxury?

Here are some of the examples of the responses from some of the applicants on what they think is the key to a great honeymoon experience.

Marlise from San Diego, California:  

The key factors in a honeymoon experience are romance, pampering, luxury, comfort, and ease. The trip should be effortless, especially since the couple just endured (most likely) a stressful wedding. It should be intimate, private, with a hint of adventure. A honeymoon experience is about creating a lasting memory since it is a one-time event. The trip should be unique and stand out from cliché vacations one often associates with typical honeymoons. Service should be top notch, meals should be unparalleled, and papering at an all-time high. What will make this honeymoon experience stand out from all others . . . it’s in the details!
Rivermouth at Corcovado National Park in Costa Rica near Lapa Rios Eco Lodge

Kaci from Bejing, China:

I think that the new generation of honeymooners is looking for an experience quite different from the ones their parents had. Heading down to Mexico for a week of beaches and margaritas is no longer quite as appealing to us, because we want a once-in-a-lifetime, all-out experience that is totally and completely unforgettable. I have a lot of friends on tight budgets that would rather save money and go on a ten-day backpacking trip to Thailand, for example, than stay in a five-star resort in Florida.

Meghan from Toronto, Canada:  

Privacy, quiet, nature, natural scenery, adventure, romance, FUN!, great, fresh food, self-care (yoga, meditation, massage).
Hammock at Santa Teresa Beach in Costa Rica

Luis Felipe from Campinas, Brazil:  

Interact with locals and nature, learn new recipes, knowing different places together, enjoy the view for the ocean and nature in a cozy, sustainable and unique design hotel…

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