Top 5 Reasons why it is great to work in the Hospitality Industry

According to the Trends & Statistics survey by the British Hospitality Association (BHA), around 2 million people now work in the industry. The chances are, if you”™re reading this, you”™re one of them.   Working in hotels, resorts and lodges is not for everybody though.   I hear from a lot of people that come full of illusions but then get worn out by long and tiring shifts.   But the ones that stick to it have or develop a passion for it and they would be miserable at a regular desk job.   Here are some of the Top 5 reasons why it is so great to work in the hospitality industry.

Hospitality Managers

  1. You make a difference in people”™s lives as the business is all about people.   No matter if you are driving a golf cart, cleaning rooms, carrying suitcases or if you are involved in management ““ you are in a position to make somebody”™s day.   A smile, a helping hand, that little detail.   It is all about making people happy.   That goes far beyond the satisfaction that you can get out of a spreadsheet.
  2. It is a ” global” industry and as almost every country in the world has a hospitality industry, it is possible to discover new countries, new culture and new people.   And even if you don”™t plan to work abroad, you are most likely in touch with travelers from all over the world and through the interaction with the guests learn new things about different cultures every day.
  3. It is not a 9 to 5 job ““ and that is a good thing:   If you”™re the sort of person who likes getting up at the same time in the morning, having the same breakfast, putting on a suit and tie, and then catching the same train into the same office, day after day after day, then hospitality probably isn”™t for you. It involves a great deal of variety, not only in terms of the hours you work, but also the work you do during those hours.
  4. Fast vertical and horizontal mobility:   there are few industries where you can work for the same company and can work such a great variety of jobs:   Reception, reservations, concierge.   Or chef, waiter, host.   And then there is the great potential for rapid horizontal movement.   The dream of the dishwasher that becomes a General Manager is still alive.   If you work hard, acquire your qualifications, get on with customers and colleagues, and show initiative, very soon, you”™ll find yourself in a management position.
  5. It is a safe bet.   People always need food, drink and a place to sleep.   So even during times of economic downturn, the industry continues on.   The last few years have been difficult, but the hospitality industry was less affected than other sectors.

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  1. The forth point on the author’s list reminded me of the Hotel Budapest movie, where a bell boy went all the way up to the hotel owner. Great stuff! I am a hospitality student at a Chicago school (, and all in all, I agree with everything written, especially that hospitality is a paradise for any people person, as every day you meet new people. I guess this is what I like most about the career I’ve chosen.

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