We work where you go on vacation: Here are some of our favorite activities when we travel to the rainforest or beaches for “business”

We are the corporate team of Cayuga Sustainable Hospitality.   We work hand in hand with the Cayuga Collection managers and staff at the hotels and lodges to make sure you have the best possible vacation experience ever.   So our ” business travel” takes us to the rainforests of the   Osa Peninsula, the beaches of Guanacaste, the Isletas of Lake Nicaragua.  To maintain the highest standards of sustainability and luxury at the Cayuga Collection Hotels and Lodges is hard work and requires a big effort.   So during our ” business trips”, we take breaks and engage in our own versions of Experience, Learn, Connect & Relax.  Some examples broken down by Hotels and Lodges.

Managers and Corporate Team of Cayuga Sustainable Hospitality www.cayugaonline.com







Lapa Rios Eco Lodge, Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica

At Lapa Rios, we enjoy the early morning sunrises, maybe bird watching or meditating on the Yoga deck.   It is always inspiring to see a Blue Morpho butterfly.   We like to go for a run out to Matapalo and maybe visit the pigs that produce our methane gas on the way back.   We enjoy a walk down to the waterfall and a revitalizing swim in the late afternoon.   We love connecting with guests during the nightly presentations and learn about their very interesting lives.

View from deck at Lapa Rios Eco Lodge. www.laparios.com








Latitude 10 Beachfront Resort, Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

One of the most amazing things to do at any of our hotels is to take a shower in the open air bathrooms of Latitude 10 with howler monkeys observing you from the trees above.   Grabbing an early morning cup of coffee and going for a walk on the Santa Teresa beach or watching the sunset from a hammock that is strung between the trees in front of the beach are other favorites.

Hammock at the beach at Latitude 10 Resort www.latitude10resort.com











Jicaro Island Ecolode, Lake Nicaragua, Nicaragua

At Jicaro, the highlight is a swim around the island or an early morning kayak trip to explore the nearby Isletas.   Just recently we added stand up paddle boards as well and some of us have already tried them.   If we have the chance, we love to spend a few hours in the colonial town of Granada or visit the school project that we support through Equilibrium.   A massage with Alma in the open air spa or a yoga class in the late afternoon is an extra treat.   Oh, and of course the Gallo Pinto Burger with homemade banana vinegar ketchup for lunch.

Harmony Hotel, Guiones Beach, Nosara, Costa Rica

At the Harmony Hotel, taking a yoga class at the healing center is a must.   An early morning run along the long Guiones beach is a great way to exercise in nature, especially at low tide.   Just like our guests, we love the outside showers in the rooms. Such a great way to start the day”¦   We really enjoy eating the sushi at the restaurant for lunch and all of us love the Banana Toffee Cake for dessert.   In the afternoons, we join the staff or soccer games at the beach and especially the guys enjoy a cold microbrewed Segua o Libertas beer after.

Guiones Beach near the Harmony Hotel in Nosara www.harmonynosara.com








Arenas del Mar Beachfront and Rainforest Resort, Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

At Arenas del Mar, the highlight for all of us is the secluded Playitas Beach.   We enjoy our ” business” lunches with ceviche and tuna burgers followed by espresso with cheese cake.   All in the spirit of quality control, or course.   Some of us jog along the beach towards the Manuel Antonio Park in the morning; others join the General Manager Jorge doing his daily exercises on the water tank behind the reception.   Spa treatments with Andrea or Priscilla are highlights and we all love to connect with the ” Pura Vida”   staff at Arenas.

Spa Treatment at Arenas del Mar Beachfront and Rainforest Resort www.arenasdelmar.com








Kura Design Villas, Uvita, Costa Rica

There sometimes is a bit of a ” competition” between us on who gets to go and apply the quality audit at Kura.   Every time we go, we are still in awe of the awesome architecture.   Our favorites here are to wake up in the morning, sit on the terrace with a cup of freshly brewed coffee and then take a shower in the open air bathroom.   In the late afternoon, we love to dip in the pool (one of the best pools in the world, no doubt about it) and then have a Mojito at the bar during sunset and see the sun reflect in the pool just like in a mirror.   It is a shame that we cannot bring our partners though”¦ after all Kura is the sexiest hotel in Central America.

Open door shower at Kura Design Villas www.kuracostarica.com











Finca Rosa Blanca Coffee Plantation & Inn and Hotel Grano de Oro, Costa Rica

Since we all live the in San Jose area, we don”™t typically stay at those properties overnight.   But we love the coffee tour experience at Finca Rosa Blanca and all meals at the Grano de Oro Restaurant.

Where we all agree is that we wish we had more time to ” play” at the hotels.   While we all try to include some experiences into our visits, it is most often about quality control, guest expectations, human resources, opportunities for improvements and budget revisions.   Let us know when you are planning to come and maybe we can meet up for a cup of coffee or a ” mojito” at one of our hotels or lodges in Costa Rica or Nicaragua.


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