What is the best time of the year to visit Costa Rica?

This is one of the top three questions that our reservations staff at the Cayuga Collection of Sustainable Luxury Hotels and Lodges get asked the most.   Guests want to know the best time to visit Costa Rica for vacation.   The seasons in Costa Rica are divided into the Dry Season from December through May and the Green (or rainy) Season from June through November.   In recent years, it has been much dryer than normal in the rainy season and we have actually seen a few rains in the dry season.   Climate change at work”¦

Santa Teresa Beach in early December

For most travelers, it depends how the climate is in their home country or state.   If you are from the Northwest of the United States, it is probably a great time to get out for some sun and heat in the winter months of January through March.   But if you are from Texas or Arizona, you might prefer to see some lush green and tropical rains in the months of June through August.

We can just tell you what our favorite time is.   December 1st through December 20th.   Hands down the BEST time to visit Costa Rica.  Why?   It is the end of the rainy season, so everything is still lush and green.   It is the beginning of the dry season, so there are almost no more rains.   Costa Rica is on the northern hemisphere and it is a bit cooler than usual at the beach.   It is before the holidays and there are not so many people and deals still available.   But most importantly, it is the time when the people of the happiest country in the world are the happiest.


The weeks leading up to Christmas are a great party in Costa Rica.   It gets all jump started by the payment of the ” aguinaldo” in the first week of December.   A mandatory thirteenth salary paid to every employee.   Then, there are lots of get-togethers among friends and families and everybody is happy about the nice climate and the ” Christmas Winds”.

And of course there is the food.   Like in almost every country around the world, there is great holiday food in Costa Rica such as Tamales, Ronpope and for course the Christmas ham in all variations.  We hope to spend this pre-Christmas time with you in Costa Rica.   Feliz Navidad.

The Cayuga Collection consists of eight eco lodges, eco resorts, and sustainable hotels in different regions of Costa Rica and Nicaragua.  All of them specialize in creating the symbiosis of sustainability and luxury always providing a sense of place taking into account local culture and customs.

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