Experience, Learn, Connect & Relax

Unique and Authentic Lodging Experiences combining Luxury with Sustainability

When we ask our guests what they consider the most important amenities during their stay, contrary to what one would think, their response is not about shampoo bottles and swimming pools and room service. Every day more, our guests are looking for authentic and meaningful experiences to replace standard amenities and gadgets.

The combination of luxury and sustainability is summarized in our concept of Experience, Learn, Connect and Relax. We look to create unique and memorable experiences at all levels of the operation always providing a sense of place that takes into account the local environment and culture.

Experience and interact wildlife closely similar to a safari experience in Africa. Often you don’t have to go far as our hotels and lodges are built in natural habitats and the local flora attracts animals. Wake up with the sound of the howler monkeys or catch a wave at sunrise.

Learn how to prepare your favorite dishes or cocktails and interact with our staff during Spanish lessons as well as Salsa and Merengue classes. Learn all about coffee, culture & history and feel immersed in your experience through the interpretation of the flora and fauna and our sustainability efforts by our enthusiastic local guides.

Connect with our staff and local community by joining them in a soccer game at the beach or accompanying them on an improvised fishing trip. Most likely they will also share with you the best place to surf and best place to get cold beer and local food. Visit the local schools to learn about our efforts to improve rural education or reconnect with yourself during one of our yoga classes or wellness treatments.

Relax and don’t forget that you are on vacation. Hammocks are the key for this. Find yours to find peace. Decompress. Leave the electronic devices that often begin with the letter “I” behind for a while. Meet other guests at the bar and share a tropical cocktail or a glass of organic wine from South America.

Take a look at this sample itinerary offering the best of Costa Rica.