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The Ultimate Symbiosis of Sustainability & Luxury
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The Cayuga Way

At the Cayuga Collection, our mission is to achieve the ultimate symbiosis of sustainability and luxury.

That’s why, with every decision we make we ask ourselves, “How can we create authentic and truly meaningful experiences for our guests? And how do we do this while positively impacting the surrounding ecosystems and communities?”

When our guests can experience, learn, connect, and relax in some of the most inspiring settings on Earth, we believe that vacations can become truly transformative.

Travel Authentically
We’re hoteliers at heart and hoteliers with heart. We seek to inspire our guests, our staff and the hospitality industry with a style of contemporary luxury that goes far beyond hotel walls.
Travel Deeper
Connect with the locals to connect with a place. We help our guests discover incredible destinations through their most passionate people.
Travel Locally
Give back to the community by enjoying locally-operated tours, locally- sourced food, and through our non-profit charity Earth Equilibrium which supports rural schools local to our properties.
Travel Meaningfully
Arrive as strangers, leave as friends. Our style of service is genuine, friendly and down-to-earth. Not to mention immaculate and full of personality.

Responsible, Authentic Luxury​​

“This was one of the most meaningful trips my family has ever taken. The level of care the staff offers from the moment of arrival to departure is unmatched, and something I would wish for every person to experience. What a gift to spend time in such a beautiful place that is so in tune with nature, and wild nature!”

Claudia, Vermont (stayed at Lapa Rios Lodge)

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