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A Little Ingenuity Goes a Long Way
Pioneers of Sustainable Luxury Hospitality

Breaking New Ground in Eco-Luxe Travel

We began shaping our definition of sustainable luxury more than 15 years ago. We started working with Lapa Rios lodge and needed to learn how to best match our vision for sustainable hospitality practices, with the big expectations of intrepid travelers.

Bringing the two concepts closer together — Sustainability and Luxury — was how we wanted to make a difference in people’s lives.

That’s why, behind the scenes of our luxury hotels and lodges, you’ll find ingenious solutions in our design, building and infrastructure, and even in our day-to-day operations.

Ask us about the Sustainability Tours at any one of our hotels and lodges — we’re absolutely transparent in everything we do and are happy to show you what happens backstage. There’s nowhere off limits.

At A Glance

Sustainable Innovation In Action

Bamboo Straws

We’ve Banished all Single-Use Plastics from our Properties


Long before the current anti-plastic movement, we made the conscious decision to get rid of all single-use plastics, be they straws, water bottles or anything else at all our Cayuga Collection hotels and lodges.

These products take vast quantities of fossil fuels to produce and are non-biodegradable. More often than not, they don’t get recycled either.

Instead, we have replaced all single-use plastic straws with locally-made bamboo stalks, supplied to us by a former Cayuga employee. They are compostable, which helps us reduce the amount of non-recyclable waste we produce.

Cayuga's Innovation Contest

Tapping into the Creativity of our Local Staff


By continuously asking ourselves “How can we make this even better?”, we’ve learned that bright ideas can come from anywhere — and more often than not they come from our local staff.

That’s why, we created Cayuga’s Innovation Contest to tap into the collective knowledge of our 400+ employees. For example, the new Lapa Rios Guide School was an idea seeded from the contest.

Today, we’ve amassed over 65 innovative ideas — both big and small — that take sustainable luxury even further at the Cayuga Collection.

Biogas-Producing Pigs

A Creative Source of Sustainable Fuel


Where possible, we utilize renewable energies, particularly solar power for heating water. But, there are other even more imaginative sources — take the family of resident pigs at Lapa Rios Lodge as an example.

Every day employees of the Lodge feed them the organic leftovers from the restaurant and then harvest methane gas from their manure to use for cooking fuel.

The process is simple and efficient, and helps Lapa Rios Lodge reduce kitchen waste and feed their staff of around 60 with minimal use of fossil fuels. The organic matter is also composted for later use in the Lodge’s gardens.

Green Gardening

A Smart Solution to Irrigating our Lush Hotel Grounds


For many months of the year, the grounds of our rainforest properties become bone dry and need to be watered.

To ease the demand on fresh water, our hotels and lodges put their wastewater to good use by purifying it onsite through a special biological system, making it completely safe and suitable for irrigating their gardens. Their drip irrigation systems then make sure that not a single drop is wasted.

Sustainable By Design​

“Cayuga is without a doubt, THE leading Sustainable Hospitality Operator in the Americas. Kudos to them for being Number Uno!”

Hitesh Mehta, Ecotourism Architect

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